Adrian Pickett Banner - Adrian Pickett, Jr. - Jacksonville Artist


Artist Motto

“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Artist Statement

“I am an artist by nature. I believe that my faith increases my talent. I believe that the quality of art should not be based on it’s medium nor canvas, but rather by the skill of the artist. I give a little of myself in creating which adds soul to my subjects. I am committed to expounding a newfound respect for the use of charcoal in Fine Arts.” – Adrian Pickett, Jr.

About the Artist

Gifted in the use of many mediums including acrylics and oils, Pickett’s current passion for charcoal stems from the challenges it presents. Pickett has developed a style of artistry that allows his charcoal renderings to exude soulfulness and the use of hues and shadows gives off a colorful presence. The artist views his vision as a gift and feels his creativity derives from a natural force.